What We do for You

GigUp is a mobile platform for skilled workers and customers.

A mobile application that connects individuals and businesses with skilled workers and service providers in a secure environment.

  • Discover skilled workers tailored to your budget.

    Ensuring the perfect match for every price range.

  • Get quality work done quickly

    Entrust your project to a skilled worker within minutes and enjoy long-lasting results.

  • Pay when you're satisfied

    Transparency through upfront quotes ensures no unexpected surprises. Payments are only released upon your approval.

  • Create a Portfolio Profile

    Join for free, create your Portfolio Profile, and showcase your services to our worldwide community.

  • Provide exceptional results

    Receive notifications when you get an order and use our platform to discuss with customers.

  • Receive your payment

    Enjoy punctual payments, every time. Withdraw your earnings once they are cleared and available.

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How it works

Discover what GigUp enables you to achieve

Find the right skilled worker

Users log into the app to find skilled workers that match their needs and budget.

  • Log In
  • Search for a skilled worker
  • Communicate with them based on your requirements, using messaging and audio features within the app

Get quality work done quickly

Choose a skilled worker’s offer that aligns with both your needs and budget

  • Accept a skilled worker’s offer
  • Make secure payments directly through the app once you are content with the provided service
  • Rate the skilled worker

Create a Portfolio Profile

For skilled workers, create your profile and start offering your services

  • Create a compelling portfolio and connect with a large audience
  • Communicate with prospective customers
  • Submit your offer and confirm it with your client

Deliver great work

Collaborate with the client to produce high-quality work

  • Deliver high-quality work
  • Confirm delivery with the customer
  • Receive payment securely via the GigUp platform

App Screenshots

Explore a selection of screens from our mobile application. To access the complete range of screens and experience all features, simply download our application.

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